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Nov 5, 18 Incidents 1.4

Incident Flagging

Administrators can now flag any incident in one of six colors to denote different statuses. We expect this feature will be used differently from setting to setting - from tracking the progress of pending incidents to indicating which incidents are reportable to state systems. Incident flags are shown in the inbox and on the reports.

Incident Flag

Secondary Offense Reporting

The offense distribution on the reports has been updated to include data for both primary and secondary offenses. This change makes it easier to locate incidents involving a specific offense - even when the offense is a secondary offense. Since a single incident can involve multiple offenses, the sum of the numbers in the offense table may exceed the total number of incidents on the report.

Template Enclosures

You can now include content from other templates using the {enclosure:Name of Other Template} document template code. This is a great addition for complex template setups that require printing multiple documents at once.

Changes to Student Data Handling

When possible, no longer stores student data for withdrawn students. When it is not possible to remove a student record entirely (i.e. if incidents are attached to the student), will remove all data elements for the record not needed for reporting.

Other Changes

  • Removed support for old, insecure SSL protocols
  • Improved student import error checking
  • Made app more tolerant of poor network conditions
  • Added per-offense incident counts to the offender brief
  • Improved password reset behavior
  • Improved layout for short screens
  • Better font selection across all supported platforms
  • Bug fixes