District Account Benefits

EducatorsHandbook.com can be implemented by individual schools or districtwide. District accounts provide unique benefits that make an EducatorsHandbook.com implementation a must-have for any district serious about improving student behavior. In addition to the comprehensive features available to all EducatorsHandbook.com accounts, districtwide implementations will enjoy following benefits:

Districtwide Analysis

  • Quickly identify districtwide trends and patterns and focus district resources where they are needed most.
  • Get a complete picture of student behavior with student reports that include the student’s complete incident history, regardless of school.
  • Track intervention progress and stay notified of recent incidents with Rosters spanning multiple schools.

Multi-School Incidents

  • Document and process incidents involving students from multiple schools.

Centralized Control

  • Ensure consistent reporting and policy implementation with centralized management of account settings, including: offense and action lists, document templates, and district holidays.
  • Grant access on a districtwide basis, or individually to one or more school sites from the central office.
  • Ensure data integrity while maintaining site flexibility with time-based incident locking.
  • Keep your student records current with centralized student management.
  • Transmit data to other systems using the districtwide XML interface.