Integration Options is designed to compliment - rather than supplant - your student information system (SIS). By replacing the office referral process on your campuses with an efficient, paper-free discipline workflow, greatly reduces the time involved in recording and responding to student disruption while producing an unparalleled analysis of student behavior.

Our SIS integration options facilitate this streamlined discipline workflow by keeping the student records in your account up-to-date and giving you unfettered access to the discipline incidents stored in your account in machine-readable formats.

Importing Students can import student demographic data from CSV, XLS, and XLSX files either manually from a local storage device, or nightly from a network storage location.

When importing your students, will add new students, update existing students, and hide from view (unenroll) students not found in the import file. This is all done without affecting the referral data stored in your account.

To keep the import process as simple as possible, only requires the student id, last name, first name, grade level, and sex of each student. We recommend including IEP and 504 Plan status for each student for maximum benefit.

Exporting Discipline Incidents provides an API for accessing incident data programmatically. The API Documentation explains how to access this rich resource, documents the XML data format, and provides several query examples.