Add employees to your account with the Employees view, accessible from the Settings menu. To add an employee, click the New Employee button in the toolbar, enter the employee’s information into the form, and click the Add button.

To edit an employee, click the employee’s name in the list, update the employee’s records, and click the Save button in the toolbar. De-activate an employee by removing the assigned access levels. When an employee is deactivated, she will no longer be able to access your account. Incidents written by the employee will remain in your account, but her name will not appear in the various application menus.

Understanding Roles

EducatorsHandbook.com allows you to control what each employee can do when logged in by assigning her one of several roles. Before adding or editing employees, it is important to understand the roles offered by the system. The following table helps illustrate the differences between the roles.

Teacher Coordinator Read-Only Administrator Super
Write Incidents
Process Office Referrals
View Incidents and Reports Limited Limited
View and Track Actions Limited
Edit Incidents
Manage Students
Manage Employees
Change Settings

Super Administrators have unfettered access to all account functions. This role should only be assigned for one or two employees at your school.