Incident Workflow

To write a new incident, click the Compose button in the application menu and complete the new incident form.

Incident Type
Select Office Referral if you are referring a student to the administration, or Minor Incident if you are documenting an action that you have taken directly.

The date of the incident. It is important to select the date the incident occurred, as opposed to the date the incident was entered.

The time of the incident. It is important to select the time the incident occurred, as opposed to the time the incident was entered.

The place the behavior occurred.

The academic subject being taught when the behavior occurred.

The instructional arrangement the student was in at the time of the offense.

The behavior that resulted in the incident. If there was more than one offense, choose the most severe and list the others in the description box.

A description of the infraction including: record of parent contact, steps/interventions taken to change the behavior prior to writing the incident, and other pertinent information.

The student or students who committed the offense. If recording a minor incident, you will be required to provide the action taken for each offender.

When you have completed the form, click the Send or Save button in the toolbar. If you entered an office referral, you will receive an email confirmation when an administrator processes the referral.

Processing Referrals

To process an office referral submitted by a teacher, click the Inbox button in the application menu and locate the referral you wish to process. To make it easier to locate referrals, you can search the inbox by offender name, reporter name, or offense.

Add one or more actions to each offender by clicking on the Add an Action… button below each offender.

The disciplinary action assigned as a result of the incident.

The duration of the action. This should be specified for actions the student is serving at a specific date and time (e.g. suspension), but not other actions (e.g. parent conference). When you select a duration, will generate a schedule based on your school calendar. Any changes you make to the schedule will affect the duration.

The document to print when the incident is processed. You will be presented with a print dialog when you save the incident.

An additional administrative comment about the incident. The comment will be attributed to the person who processes the incident.

When you have completed the form, click the Add button to add the action to the incident, and repeat as necessary. When finished, click the Save button in the toolbar. An email confirmation will be sent to the referring employee and the document you specified when processing the referral will be sent to your printer.

Editing Incidents

Users with Super Administrator rights can edit and delete incidents. To edit an incident, click an incident in the reports, make changes, and click the Save button. You can locate and restore deleted incidents from the Settings view.