Rosters help you stay on top of incident trends and events for your students. Rosters allow you to receive new incident notifications, access incident data and reports for rostered students, and track group progress with roster-level reports. Roster access may require administrative approval.

To create a roster, click the new roster button in the toolbar, name the roster, and select the students you want to include on the roster. When your roster is complete, click the Request button in the toolbar.

Once your roster is approved, you can click a student name to access that student’s incident report. In addition, you can tap the notifications button in the toolbar to receive an email when any student on the roster receives a incident from another employee. In addition, consequence data will be added to your Calendar view for any student on an approved roster.

Rosters can be edited after they have been approved, but adding a new student to the roster will require re-approval from your administration.

Roster Approval

In most cases, rosters cannot be accessed until approved by an administrator. New roster requests are shown in the Pending tab and can be approved (in whole or in part) or rejected outright. Approving a roster will grant the requesting teacher access to incident data and reports for students on the roster.