There are two ways to add students to your account. The easiest way is by importing your students from a file. To import your students, click the Students link in the Settings view and follow the on-screen directions. Importing your students is easy and will ensure your student records are complete and accurate. You can re-import your students at any time to update existing students, add new students, and hide students from view who are no longer enrolled at your school. Importing students does not affect your incident data in any way and incidents for unenrolled students will remain accessible. There are three things to remember:

  1. Make sure you always import a complete snapshot of your enrollment (as opposed to just new students or a single grade level).

  2. Make sure the column layout matches the instructions at Settings -> Students exactly. We do not support extra columns or out-of-order columns.

  3. Make sure you always use the same student number for every import. Some student information systems support multiple student number types.

You can also add students manually – a good approach when adding a small number of students. When adding a student manually, it is critically important that you enter the correct student number. Only use the student number assigned to the student by your district. Failing to exercise caution when adding students may result in duplicate records and inaccurate reports. For this reason, large numbers of students should be imported, rather than added manually.

To edit a student, search for the student by name or student number. Click the student’s name, update the student’s records, and click the Save button in the toolbar. You can unenroll a student by clicking on the delete button in the toolbar. Incident data for unenrolled students is retained, but the student will be hidden from system menus.