Assign a Consequence

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From the Narrative: reduces the time it takes to respond to student behavior while incorporating up-to-the-minute incident data to help you make better decisions.

To view pending office referrals, click the Inbox icon in the menu. You can search for pending referrals by name or offense, filter the inbox by grade level or offender name, and enable email notifications for new referrals.

Click on an incident to review incident details and assign consequences. The incident view shows the details of the incident and an area to specify one or more actions for each involved offender.

To assign a consequence, click the Add an Action… link. The new action view includes a summary that shows the student’s IEP and 504 Plan status and information about prior incidents and consequences. You can click on the summary to view the student’s complete report.

Provide details about the action, including: the action assigned, the duration of the assignment, and details about the action. You can also select a document to print, such as a parent letter. Click the Add button in the toolbar, and repeat as necessary.

When you are finished recording actions, click the Save button. You will see a message confirming the incident was saved and a confirmation email will be sent to the referring teacher.