Create and Use Rosters

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From the Narrative:

Rosters are one of the most important features of your account. They allow you to access incident data and reports for rostered students, track group progress with roster-level reports, and be notified when new incidents occur.

To create a roster, login to your account and click the Rosters icon in the menu on the left. Get started by clicking on the New Roster button in the toolbar, provide a roster name, and add your students. There is no limit to the students you can add and students can be assigned to multiple rosters.

When you are finished, click the Request button in the toolbar. The roster will be placed in pending status until approved by an administrator.

Once approved, your roster will display the number of recent incidents for each student. You can access the incident report for any student by clicking the student’s name or access a roster-level report by clicking the Report button in the toolbar.

If you enable roster notifications, will send you an email when other teachers or administrators document a new incident for any student on the roster.